How does it work?

If you need a live security camera view with motion detection HD recording, email alerts, night vision etc and standard CCTV cameras are out of the question due to cost, prohibitive labour fees, power is too far away or worse still not available, running cable is simply out of the question, then Solar Cam & Hidden Camera Surveillance has the solution.

We have taken Solar Security technology to whole new level.  Introducing our latest release 3G/4G HD 2 Megapixel Solar Security Camera.  A pre paid 3G/4G Data SIM card with 1-2 GB of Data is all you need. WE can supply the SIM or you are most welcome to supply your own.  If you have WiFi available onsite, even better as our solar camera can use either the mobile phone Telstra (or Optus) network or WiFi meaning we have you covered either way.

Everything you need is included.  The system is built in Australia ready to go in a powder coated, weatherproof enclosure (as pictured above) with sun-shield and high visibility window.  Also included is a 60W solar panel that powers the internal 12V deep cycle battery to keep the camera system fully functional indefinitely.  Users can even live monitor battery levels.

Even in times of particularly poor weather the internal battery has sufficient power to keep the camera working for at least 4 days. If you need longer battery duration, a larger capacity battery is not a problem.  We find that even in poor weather, the solar panel will still trickle feed power to the battery and in most cases a larger battery isn’t necessary.  In the unlikely event that the battery goes flat, the camera will Auto reboot as soon as the battery begins to solar charge.

How do I remotely access the camera?

The advanced SSL secure Cross Platform interface (like a Could) allows for remote access via PC, Mac, Iphone or any other web enabled device. User name and password protected for authorized access only, owners are not limited to the number of users permitted to access the camera however password access can be altered remotely at any time. In fact, every feature and function of this Solar Camera can be remotely accessed WITHOUT the need to physically touch the camera.  No software is needed although we do have a free mobile phone App if required.

Motion Detection & Time Lapse Recording?

Yes indeed! One of the amazing functions of this camera is the motion detection algorithm designed by us from ground up which is so easy to use. A picture is basically pixels to the camera. We might have a situation where the camera is aimed at an area where trees and bushes are moving in the breeze causing the camera to record as moving pixels are considered motion. However, by remotely opening the camera motion detection tab, users can place the entire live image into a grid as pictured below.

Lapse Record

In those areas where motion is unnecessarily causing the camera to record, simply highlight the trees and bushes and remove them from the motion detection zone. Movement in those “selected” areas will NOT trigger motion or record but in other zones not “masked out” within the grid, if motion is detected, yes it will trigger recording. If not sure we will do it for you.  By setting the desired motion detection zones, the camera will only concentrate on areas of concern. Algorithms are so advanced they can tell the difference between a shadow and vehicle or a cat and Cat Burglar. Alarm emails alerts are sent to you within seconds (picture attached) and stored on the Cloud so nothing is ever lost.

Time Lapse recording is often preferred on Construction sites. It’s therefore quite easy to set the camera to Time Lapse by day and then after hours (scheduled recording mode) the camera will auto switch to motion detection mode with email alarms if required. In fact our 3G Solar Cam is so advanced it can record time lapse and motion detection simultaneously. Ideal for farmers, water troughs, cattle, gates, builders or any site that needs remote monitoring and scheduled recording.