What does it cost?

Our 3G/4G or WiFi Camera is a fraction of the cost of any installed IP camera specially when one takes into account the cost to run cables, setup IP addressing, interfacing into a new or existing network, plus customers need an NVR system with HDD installed and so it goes.  In terms of installation of our pre built 3G Solar Camera, customers only require a sturdy metal pole perhaps 3-5m in height to attached the camera casing.  The solar panel needs to face in a North direction at about 30 degrees. The solar panel can be separated from the camera and roof mounted if desired and away from the camera but you need to advise cable length required between the solar panel and the camera in those circumstances.

With multiple orders we offer discounts and in some instances customers may prefer to supply their own 60W Solar panel and/or 12V 55A Deep Cycle battery.  The solar panel and battery are reasonably heavy and add to freight costs so the more the customer wishes to contribute the less cost.  For single orders it’s perhaps not worth it but for multi orders yes it is.   Call our office to discuss cost options.