What about Motion Detection?

Yes indeed! One of the amazing functions of this camera is the motion detection algorithm which is so easy to use. A picture is basically pixels to the camera. We might have a situation where the camera is aimed at an area where there are trees and bushes moving in the breeze causing the camera to record as moving pixels are considered motion. However, by remotely opening the server software motion detection tab, users can place the live image into a grid as pictured below.

Lapse Record

In those areas where motion is causing the camera to record (areas of the grid flash red upon motion) simply highlight the trees and bushes to delete that particular area in the camera motion detection zone.  Movement in those “selected” areas will NOT trigger motion or record but in other zones not “masked out” within the grid, if motion is detected yes it will trigger recording.  The setup is actually very easy so once we know where motion is likely to occur, the question you need to ask is how fast do I need to record (how many images per second) and over what interval and at what quality…low, medium or high resolution.

For instance, a person or vehicle may move past the camera.  We can even program the camera to record a few seconds BEFORE motion was actually detected. How we do it doesn’t matter but the fact is motion was detected, the recording can be set to take one or two images before motion, followed by the actual motion event and then another 10-20 seconds or more, after the motion event.  So if motion was only 2 seconds or so, we have recorded 2 seconds before and 10 seconds after so nothing is ever missed.  If motion continues for an extended period then the camera will continue to record but users may want to enter an “interval” between motion detection events.  The interval theoretically could be a gap of say 10 seconds more or less so we don’t have a long and continual recording.  All of these features and functions can be altered remotely once the camera is in place. We make those changes for you behind the scenes. 

If still not sure how to make basic camera function change, don’t worry we can do it for you..no problem.  By setting the desired motion detection zones, the camera will only concentrate on areas of concern. Algorithms are so advanced they can tell the difference between a shadow and vehicle or a cat and Cat Burglar. In other words the motion sensitivity can be fully adjusted to compensate for what is or is not actual motion.  Alarm emails or text messages are sent to you within seconds (picture attached) and the motion event stored on the Cloud for months.  Cloud storage cannot be lost or tampered with.