Time Lapse Recording

Time Lapse recording is often required on Construction sites.  Time lapse is basically the camera taking a high resolution image once every few minutes, or so many times per hour or just a few daily but you have the choice as to how fast or slow the camera records during this mode.  Set the camera to Time Lapse mode by day and then after hours when the site should be vacant set “scheduled recording mode” where the camera will auto arm into Motion Detection Mode.  This mode can be armed or disarmed at any time you choose.  As mentioned, scheduled recording will take into account weekends and state by state public holidays.   We will set this feature up for you just advise us what you want the camera to do.

Time Lapse recording as mentioned can be set in conjunction with motion detection if preferred otherwise all time lapse recordings are saved to our server.  Users access Time Lapse recordings remotely and download to PC or MAC etc.  Backup of time lapse images can be done daily, weekly or monthly as the server will retain them for you.

Ideal for farmers, water troughs, cattle, gates, building sites, mine sites, local councils, bush dumping, graffiti or any area that requires remote monitoring and scheduled recording.  After all if something happens on your site you want to know about it and quick!