Time Lapse Recording

Motion Detection recording is just one of many camera features although one of the latest functions is our new TIME LAPSE RECORDING feature. That’s right time lapse recording!  Many Construction companies have shown a keen interest in time lapse recording.  The camera can be set to take high resolution pictures by the second/s, minute, hours or days.  When playing back time lapse recordings, the construction of a building over a period of months or longer, can be viewed in a type of video fashion. Its simply a matter of downloading the pictures from our cloud portal, well users can do anything they like with any free player program.

Another function of this feature is Scheduled Recording.  Once again if we look at a building site as an example, workers may be on site between 5.00am and 5.00pm so the Camera can be pre-set to arm at 5am and disarm at 5pm and therefore only record during business hours.  The same function could be used for a great deal of other applications.  For instance, the camera could be mounted in a distant location or to far for the motion sensor to pick up motion (beyond 20m)  Set the camera to time lapse recording (speed and image interval is adjustable) and allow the camera to record constantly over any given period.