Technical Support & Backup

Our 3G HD Solar Camera is constantly being updated with the latest technological advances but don’t worry you won’t be left behind. Firmware upgrades are available to all customers at no extra cost and our servers deal with that automatically.  As demand for more and more features increases our system designers and IT experts will be right there.  For any technical support or assistance we are local and here to help.  With permission we take remote control of your camera settings and make changes for you.

One new customer recently asked whether it was possible to interface an RFID alert system with our Solar Camera.  The company was not so concerned with motion recording but more with identifying staff carried RFID devices or tagging which is similar to anti theft devices attached to stock in clothing stores.  The RFID device triggered the camera to create an “alarm” recording that can be easily archived for future reference.   That alarm is not just stored but can be an email and/or text alert if desired.

Solar security camera relies upon 3G/4G or WiFi services (not the GPRS/GSM/2G older networks) to reliably deliver recordings to our Cloud severs in an instant.  Nothing is ever lost and with a better than 99.9% server up time we remotely maintain your system.  So when we say remote access the camera this means you login with a user name and password to our secure SSL Cloud servers to see the camera LIVE, play back recordings and remotely change camera settings as desired.