Solar Cam new all in one (Case Option 1)

Pictured below is our latest release all in one 2 Megapixel Solar Cam system ready to mount and switch on. The battery, camera, quad processor board etc are securely housed within the single lockable metal enclosure for easy access and no exposed cables.  As an added deterrent the blue and white Police like emblem is a visual warning that the premises may be monitored and not to be under estimated.  The emblem is optional.

The optional LED motion activated flood light serves two purposes

  • Illuminating the area at night when motion is detected
  • Assisting the camera to record in high resolution colour at night
  • Warning any intruder which in many cases is all the deterrent you need.
  • The intruder will be recorded, often he/she will look directly at the light or camera and a nice facial ID recorded.

The pictured optional speaker on the side of the metal enclosure will announce a warning if motion is detected during a “scheduled alarm recording mode” with words to the effect that you are being recorded and Police alerted. Ideal for pole or wall mounting.