Solar Cam CCTV Case (Option 2)

Pictured below is the same 2 Megapixel Solar Cam system ready to mount and switch on. Once again the battery, camera, quad processor etc are securely housed in the one lockable metal CCTV type enclosure. Pictured is the motion activated LED Flood light and speaker.  Again the Solar panel can be moved away from the actual camera for added security or to a sunnier position.  The same applies to the optional LED Flood light but in this instance the camera battery and solar charger are within the metal lockbox and away from the actual camera. External cables between the devices can of course be inside the metal pole for added security.


If you have an questions about our fantastic 3G Solar Camera or you would like to see an actual camera demonstration, give us an hour or so notice, be in front of you’re PC and we will provide you with a temporary remote user name and login.  You will be able to see our test camera live, ask any questions and at the same time show you the camera features and functions and how easy they are to learn and use.