Recording Quality Examples

Car driving
The images depicted on this page have been size reduced for demonstration purposes although it might be timely to point out the recording quality can be set to 2 Megapixel quality which is much larger than depicted below. Recording in such high quality means you have the ability to zoom in and in detail to identify people and and in many cases read number plates from a distance.

In this instance the camera was needed for a work-site broad view in a remote location however mounting the camera in the correct location is fundamentally important and in some cases perhaps a few cameras are needed to cover more area or multiple zones. Customers normally supply a mounting pole say 305m high and 100mm square otherwise the side of a building is fine. The solar panel should be mounted facing north at 30 degrees.

If you have a need for cameras in various sites either city, state or country wide, our software allows for the user to view all cameras live at any time. The main camera will be depicted full screen whilst other cameras will be small thumbnail size although by simply touching upon the smaller thumbnail camera, full screen viewing and playback is enabled. Its what we call an advanced cross platform interface.

In other words, one login to view all cameras everywhere. Safe and secure as a bank and no unauthorized access.

Typical daytime image set at medium resolution