Older model Graffiti Cam mounted to a tree trunk but depicting the Mini Solar Panel


Pictured above is an older version of Solar Cam (Construction Cam) strapped to a tree trunk.  The point of the picture is to demonstrate what the camera would look like with our optional mini solar panel attached.  The mini solar panel looks much the same and as you can see, its quite small and rather thin.  Supplied with a special swivel mounting bracket, the panel is weatherproof, has a rubber casing and supplied with a lead which plugs into the base of the actual camera.  The solar panel contains non removable lithium Ion batteries so by day, the sun keeps the batteries inside the panel charged which in turn keeps the camera functioning.

The charge within the batteries is sufficient to keep the camera functioning day and night without using any of the power from the internal 12 x AA batteries. Consequently, the camera doesn’t need to reply upon the standard batteries to function but when there are days of poor weather or limited sunshine, the internal AA batteries will simply auto take over the camera power needs.  It is therefore possible to have the camera out in the field for 6-12 months with one set of standard good quality AA batteries.

Being an optional item, if interested in the mini Solar Panel and as optional accessory, please call our office to make arrangements for delivery.