MMS and Email Function

This is perhaps one of the main reasons for needing a camera such as this.  So how does it work and what do I need to pay?
This security surveillance camera will function with or without the GSM modem. Assuming that you like the idea of the camera motion detection feature (or time lapse function) auto sending those recorded pictures to your receiving mobile phone ad/or email account maybe just what you are looking for. 

Graffiti Solar Security Camera is available with or without the GPRS modem.  If you don’t need the modem, the cost for the identical camera without the modem is $490.00. However, if at a later stage you would like the GPRS modem, we have the modem available as an optional extra. The modem basically slots into the camera to add the function if needed at a later date. Please call or email our office to order your modem.

What type of SIM card do I need?  First of all you don’t need to enter into a mobile phone plan. Call your preferred communications carrier and that could be Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and purchase a standard (not micro type) PRE PAID SIM CARD.  We prefer to use Telstra for the wider coverage area but its important that you order a card with say a renewable $30.00 balance NO PASSWORD, NO PUK CODE, but MMS & DATA MUST BE ENABLED. 

If the SIM card has a password or PIN code activated then the camera has no means of deactivating that code so its very important when ordering that all PINS, PASSWORDS AND/OR CODES are deactivated by default.  When setting up the camera to send MMS pictures from the camera direct to your mobile phone (more than one receiving number can be added) users must be aware that MMS costs can be 50c/image.

If using a higher paid or pre paid plan, then the MMS costs could be much lower so always check with your preferred carrier as to the actual cost of MMS.  In any event, the Solar Graffiti Cam can be programmed to send UNLIMITED PICTURES or set and limit the number of images from 1 to 99 per day.   This keeps the SIM card carrier costs under control with no cost blow out.  Remember, the camera SD card is saving the recording internally so no matter what, so you won’t miss anything.

SIM cards are available with MMS and/or DATA.  The data option is equally important in terms of remote access as well.  It’s not necessary to program the camera to use MMS ONLY.  It can also be programmed to send motion activated or time lapse event images to your email address or multiple email addresses.  Email uses data rather than MMS and in this regard it is is significantly cheaper and faster.  Graffiti Cam will automatically reduce the image size and quality (still excellent) and therefore send motion or time lapse pictures in larger volume direct to one or more email accounts.  This security camera can do both MMS & Email and to more than one account simultaneously, or users can simply choose one or the other.  Data as mentioned is by far cheaper as data is measured in MB rather than MMS image numbers.  Consequently, if using the email service rather than Mobile MMS pictures, potentially many hundreds of pictures can be received via email for a relatively very small cost.  1GB of data is equivalent to many thousands of remotely sent camera pictures.  It is NOT possible to remotely communicate with the camera.

We provide software with each camera to enable remote access.  There is no need to set up communications carrier APN, Gateway or Port forwarding etc. It has all been done for you.  Simply select your preferred carrier from a drop down list and that’s it.  Provided your receiving mobile phone can accept MMS (good idea to have someone send a picture to your mobile phone first) you are good to go.  Email is not really an issue.  Don’t forget, if you have one of the more modern mobile phones (Iphone or similar) access you email account from anywhere.  If you can access your email account from your phone, no need for MMS in any event.