Is 3G HD Solar Camera available with Internal memory?

By way of the most recent development, we have released our internal HD recording which is tantamount to an NVR (Network Recorder). We now provide 64GB SD card internal memory (can be up to 1TB) as a customer option.  Use the internal memory to record motion in super high resolution with easy remote access, playback or save recording to PC without physically touching the memory card at all. This basically means that onboard camera storage can now be quickly and remotely accessed at the touch of a button. View and upload the onboard recordings remotely and any images you need to retain, simply save to PC. So now you have a complete solar security camera solution anywhere, anytime and power isn’t needed. If you just happen have power handy great, no problem as the same system can be supplied without the solar components but otherwise it will be exactly the same albeit less cost.