I live overseas will Solar Cam work anywhere?

In a word..abolutely! 3G/4G Solar Cam will function as intended worldwide provided you have a mobile phone service in the camera location. There is a small monthly or annual Cloud server fee for remote storage and to access the camera however, the customer will need to provide their own 3G/4G Data Sim card (voice is not necessary) with at least 1-2GB data allowance per month. This could be a pre paid or annual plan but a SIM card is not something we can provide to international customers.

In order to save freight cost, the better option for international customer is so to supply a 60W or larger solar panel and 12V 55A deep cycle battery (contact us for specifications)

A battery is heavy and a solar panel cumbersome so from a cost point of view it makes sense to at least provide those two items locally which are easy to purchase anywhere. Consequently cost is saved on both the purchase price and freight cost as airlines nowadays will not transport certain types of batteries.