How fast is the live view & recording?

This is what makes 3G HD Solar Camera unique and quite unlike any other similar or “copy cat” security camera.  Years and millions of dollars have gone into the development of both the hardware and software driving this 3G/4G solar security camera. In terms of “LIVE VIEWING” it’s simply a matter of logging in and selecting a preferred viewing speed and visual quality. Remember, just like visiting any other remote access service, data is being used even when viewing.  The refresh image rate can be anywhere from 2 frames per second to 10 seconds per frame or longer. Users may select low, medium or high resolution all of which has a bearing on data usage so it’s important not be online live streaming for extended duration unless your mobile network plan is on the larger side.  View and playback recordings when needed but it should not be used as a permanent live viewing cameras as such.  The camera is still active and recording regardless of whether you are remotely logged in or not.

For Control Room live viewing, yes we do have customers who prefer that option.  Its simply means that we need to slow the refresh rate to about 1 image every 30 seconds or so in order to avoid unnecessary data usage.  Short term live viewing doesn’t matter but long term live viewing is different.  We can assist with that and do the data calculation for you.

The same applies to motion detection recording.  Resolution can be set to low, medium or high whilst the recording speed and number of images taken during motion is adjustable to suit individual needs.  For example, when the camera senses motion, you might want the camera to save 2 images in the seconds BEFORE motion was detected (pre-recording) and during the next 20 seconds (post recording) another 10 images 2 seconds apart.  The recording speed, quality and duration can be altered and easily adjusted at any time to suit requirements. The resulting playback looks more like a video clip rather than just a few pictures.  The 2MP JPEG images are much higher quality compared to an AVI video clip.  Freeze framing an AVI or video clip and then attempting to zoom or enhance will often result in a substantial lack of detail or distortion.  Motion JPEG images on the other hand are crisp and clear, can be enhanced, saved and emailed much easier than video and of course it has the added benefit of far less bandwidth and server storage. Sending a video clip via a 3G network is data costly and slow whereas JPEG images transmission is fast and much less costly.

An email alert or text can be sent to you when alarm mode is active thus notifying that motion has been detected. From your mobile phone or PC, access the server and replay that recording.  Any images that need to be saved to your PC hard drive is simply a matter of selecting the desired recording and save.  The image/s will be saved to desktop or folder at the recording quality pre selected.