How fast is live view & recording?

Those features make this camera unique. In terms of “LIVE VIEWING” it’s simply a matter of logging in and selecting a preferred viewing speed. Remember, just like visiting any other website, data is being used even when viewing. The refresh speed can be anywhere from 2 images per second to 10 seconds per refresh image or longer. Users select low, medium or high quality all of which has a bearing on data usage so it’s important not be online live streaming for extended periods if possible unless your plan is on the larger side.

The same applies to motion detection server recording. Resolution can be set to low, medium or high whilst the recording speed and number of images taken during motion is adjustable to suit individual needs. For example, when the camera senses motion, you might want the camera to save 2 images before motion was detected and during the next 20 seconds, record another 20 images 1 second apart but that can be altered to less images and shorter or longer duration. The resulting playback looks like a video event rather than just 1 or 2 pictures.

An email alert or text can be sent to you when alarm mode is active thus notifying that motion has been detected. From your mobile phone or PC, access the server and replay that recording and view the camera live.  Any images that need to be saved to PC is simply a matter of selecting the desired recording and press save. The image will be saved to desktop or folder at the recording quality pre selected.

By way of a reminder 3G SolarCam supports both internal and external recording.  Internal SD card recording can be as fast as 10 x 2MP images per second (cartoon speed) but when recording to the SD card, it using virtually no server data at all. Its only using 3G and server data when the users decides to playback the recording at the full HD resolution. For more information allow us to remotely demonstrate.