How can a battery or Solar powered security camera help me?

Most security cameras of any description need 12V/240V power to function but not so our new Graffiti Solar Security Camera.  No Power, No Cables, No Internet, No Lighting……….NO PROBLEM! Common CCTV & IP cameras need to be cabled to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) all of which needs a constant power source.  If remote access is required, then users also require on-site Internet plus a modem or router and so it goes. A somewhat costly exercise when taking into account the amount of hardware required, trenches, cable and conduit, not to mention installation plus ongoing maintenance.

For more permanent installations where multiple fixed cameras are needed such as homes, offices, buildings and factories etc then a DVR or NVR security system makes sense. Hidden Camera Surveillance supplies CCTV cameras as well. However, what if only one or a few cameras are needed in remote locations where NO POWER is available, what’s the solution?  Pictured below is our all new Graffiti Cam.   It takes 12 x AA batteries such as Energizer or the more powerful Lithium Ion so without any external power, Graffiti Cam can function in motion detection mode for months, depending on the number of motion activations.  Of course if longer duration is required, our mini solar panel can keep the camera functioning for up to 12 months with just one set of AA batteries.  More about that later.

By day, when motion is detected (within approx 15m range) Graffiti Solar Security Camera captures very high resolution 2-12 megapixel colour time and date stamped pictures then auto saves those pictures to the built in SD HD memory card. Graffiti Cam accepts SD cards anywhere from 2-32GB so to put this into perspective, if the camera is set to 2MP quality, it would use about 1GB of memory per 1000 images.  The higher the resolution set the more memory it uses.  An 8GB SD card can store approx 8000 x 2 megapixel colour time & date stamped pictures. The LCD camera MENU set-up (No PC Required) offers two options, STOP recording then the SD card is full or RECYCLE recording meaning when the SD card is full, it will auto over write from the earliest recorded images.  It doesn’t mean that all recorded images are lost.  Quite the contrary, if you are certain there have been no events worth looking at during the pasts few days or weeks, allow the camera to recycle recording over and over again. Depending on the recording speed, image quality and the number of images the Graffiti Security Cam takes per day, it could take weeks or months to actually fill the SD card.  Still concerned, use a larger capacity SD card, even a 32GB.