Farm Cam

Graffiti Solar Security Camera has been used successfully on farms and not necessarily as a security device but to keep a watch on a cattle water trough.   Just to explain, farmers often need to check water levels in troughs on a daily basis but often that trough doesn’t need any extra water.  Graffiti Cam can be set to time lapse mode and as an example, the farmer could simply mount the Graffiti Camera and aim it at the water trough.  Remember the camera has a built in colour LCD TV monitor which is excellent for setting up the camera and playing back recordings.

With the camera aimed at the trough, it simply a matter of pre setting the camera with the supplied software to take a picture at say 9.00am and perhaps another at 4.00pm and with the GPRS modem installed, the camera will send those images direct to your mobile phone and/or email address. In fact it can send the same images to several mobile numbers and/or email addresses.

There is no need to actually visit the water trough as its plain to see that water is not required.  If on the other hand the water level is clearly low, well that’s different but the point is at least you or someone will know every day by means of a picture to your mobile phone or an email to your allocated account.  The camera must be within a mobile phone 2G zone.  If the mobile signal is reasonable an GPRS is available then Graffiti Cam could be an option worth considering.