Email & Text Alerts

In “scheduled recording mode” set to say 5.00pm to 6.00am weekdays, 3G HD solar camera will auto switch to motion detection mode.  Live view and record at any time but some users are mainly concerned with what happens after hours which is why we set a schedule.  The schedule recording (one touch on or off) enables the camera to auto arm alarm recording mode at preset times and dates which might include every weeknight from 5.00pm to 6.00am, weekends and all state public holidays.  Even if you forget about public holidays, the camera certainly won’t.

If motion is detected during that time frame, not only will any movement be recorded but at the same time our servers can email or text an alert one or more preset email addresses and/or mobile numbers. You receive what we call an “alarm alert” which is basically a heads up that movement is being detected during a time where there should not be movement.  The email alert will include an actual recorded JPEG image so you can then decide whether to take the matter further by logging into the camera live to see for yourself, or view the entire “alarm event recording” and if warranted calling for Police or security guard assistance.  If you have security patrols, alerts can be sent to a back to base monitoring company or direct to the guard patrol person.  Either way you have the time and date stamped recording available at your fingertips ready to take any action.  Not sure if the alert is genuine or not, login to the camera to see a live view for yourself.  Users can also replay the motion activated events to see what or who it was that triggered motion.

When an alert is auto sent to one or more recipients,  all will have an image attached along with a time and date stamp and an instant link to the camera live view and recording playback.