Can Solar Cam Speaker alert intruders?

Absolutely, are we ticking all the boxes?  With the inclusion of an optional external speaker (see the main camera image) the speaker can be added to auto announce any desired pre-recorded audio warning with words to the effect “Police have been alerted” or “you are trespassing on private property” etc.  This is not a two way communication device it simply broadcasts an audio warning if motion is detected within a specified schedule but the audio warning can be remotely switched on/off as you choose.  In the event of a text or email alert where perhaps an intruder is known or thought to be onsite, by logging into the camera the LED flood light will illuminate and the audio warning can manually activated as well.

Ideal for:
• Schools
• Construction Sites
• Farms
• Industrial Sites
• Car Parks
• Sheds
• Remote Sites
• Display Homes
• Unattended machinery
• Councils
• Bush Dumping
• Prohibited zones
• Fuel Bowsers
• Mine Sites
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