Can 3/4G HD Solar Cam see in the dark?

This is where other CCTV security cameras tend to be obsolete but we have this aspect covered.  Our optional 50W LED Flood light is amazing at night.  12V powered just like the camera or it can be an totally independent  LED Flood light.   Consequently, when motion is detected (up to 15m or more away) the floodlight will illuminate for a set period of time allowing the camera to record in high quality 2 megapixel quality at night and in colour.  When motion ceases the LED will switch off thus conserving power.

If night lighting on your site is poor the camera LED flood light will auto activate as soon as you login.  That means you see LIVE in colour at night and so will the 3G Cam.  When the user logs out, the LED flood light will switch off.  In other words the light is NOT ON all night but only when you login or when motion occurs.   The LED Flood light is also a huge theft deterrent as a thief prowling about at night doesn’t want to be seen or attract attention.

Our standard audio warning speaker will let the prowler know in no uncertain terms, that he she/is being monitored and recorded.  More often than not the thief will have had enough by ten and move to a less secure location.  After all, 3G Solar security camera is not designed to catch people out or be hidden. Its designed to be seen and warn intruders off before any damage is done.

Some customers ask can the camera be fitted with an IR (infra Red) illuminator rather than a flood light? An IR CCTV or camera must stay illuminated all night which wastes power.  For that reason alone, CCTV cameras are not suited to solar power.  The key to our system is power conservation versus power generation.  Furthermore only a B/W camera can see or use IR (not a colour camera) and if you compare IR vision to true LED lighting, there is no comparison whatsoever, LED wins hands down.  IR offers a distorted on unrealistic view where a persons eyes glow or appear to be florescent, clothing and skin tone has no colour or definition and in terms of male or female positive identity, that can be realm issue.  Not the best option for security and personal identity where IR recordings are used as evidence.

Our 3G/4G HD Solar Camera is available with an optional 12V 50W LED Floodlight connected to the camera battery.

It’s no secret that outdoor lights (12V or 240V) can be triggered by motion as many homes & business use them and so does our security camera.

Provided the area under surveillance is already reasonably well lit at night, it may not be necessary to add any additional floodlighting but those are the choices, not to mention our 3G Solar Cameras records in colour at night.  The end result, higher quality recording and positive ID.  LED lighting is optional so it can always be added later if needed.

The following images have been quality reduced for web use however they do provide an insight into the quality and clarity.

This night scene is a true Solar Camera image with no lighting assistance whatsoever other than street lighting.  The overhead bridge is approximately 100m from the actual camera.  Please also note the resolution and size of all images below have been lowered for internet use. If you want to see the true 2 Megapixel image quality, just call or email our office.

This picture below depicts a scene in total darkness and the only illumination is our 50W LED Flood light.

This picture below depicts a scene in total darkness and the only illumination is our 50W LED Flood light.


The following images depict 3G Solar Cam at night.  In some cases at night a number plate can be see even with headlights on but this is NOT a number Plate recognition camera.  More often than not the number plate cannot be seen at night

This night image depicts a yard in complete darkness other than the 50W LED camera light illuminating the yard. The wire fence is about 20m from the camera