Built in Colour Monitor


Pictured above is the colour LCD monitor built into the base of the camera. The LCD is lockable and concealed but is otherwise used to set the camera functions. When mounting the camera, switch the camera to TEST.  In test mode the monitor will arm.  The user will be able to see what the camera can see so it makes it really easy to aim and set.  Move about in front of the camera in motion detection mode, allow the camera to take a few pictures then playback the recordings directly from the camera.  The user will be instantly able to play back recorded still pictures and/or video movement triggered by the security camera. The colour LCD monitor is very handy during setup as the camera can be mounted and at the same time angled to see exactly what it is that needs to be seen within the field of view.

When satisfied, switch the camera to ON position, the LCD will no longer display so close and lock the base of the camera.  Its that easy!!

At a later date, return to the camera, open the base, switch the camera to test mode, press the OK button and play back all still pictures and/or video recordings directly from the camera.  The Solar Security Camera has added features including secure password access.  If there is recording you particularly need to retain, simply remove the SD card (camera must be OFF) and backup the SD card images to PC via USB card reader (we stock them if interested) so again all very easy.  All PC’s can view JPEG images.

Remember Graffiti Security Cam can be programmed to take just still shots as fast as one per second but it can also be programmed to take high resolution 1080P H.264 Video and audio.  In fact it can do both, first take pictures on motion and THEN take video from several seconds to minutes.  To playback or view video recordings, this can be done directly from the camera or PC.  Windows Media Player is a favourite although we prefer to use the free player available for PC and MAC called VLC.  Download the free player here www.vlc.com