Are there ongoing server costs?

Yes there is a small monthly or annual fee which works out to me about $1.00 per day. All local and International customers are free to supply their own 3/4G Dat SIM card and about 1GB per month is all that is needed.

International customers must supply their own data SIM card in any event although our camera will function on virtually any3/4G mobile phone network or WiFi if available.  International customers will need to provide us with information about the SIM card to be used so we can setup remotely.  For this reason we don’t price the actual camera online because there are a range of optional devices that need to considered before ordering and they include;

  • LED Floodlight for night recording
  • Audio warning speaker
  • 3G or WiFi
  • Power or no power
  • Type of camera housing preferred
  • Who will be supplying the 3G SIM card
  • Any special requests