Are there ongoing server costs?

Yes there is a small $1.00 per day monthly or annual Cloud server fee but that is the only fee we charge.  The camera is entirely server driven in any event and won’t function without it so the server can’t be bypassed.  Each camera requires a 3G/4G Data SIM card perhaps 1GB per month in most cases is quite adequate but we prefer the customer supplies the date SIM card.

If you happen to have WiFi available on site, a 3G data SIM card in that case is not required at all.  If you have WiFi available then we supply a WiFi module rather than a 3/4G USB dongle so quite simple and no cost difference.  Please note the camera is still using our servers for remote access etc so the small monthly or annual server cloud fee applies regardless.

International customers must supply their own data SIM card and our camera will function on any mobile phone network or WiFi if available. If power is available at the camera location, there may be no need for a solar panel or battery at all thus reduced costs. Call for more information.

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