3G Solar Cam Recording Examples

This is a medium resolution 1 Megapixel day picture. Quality and size has been reduced for web use. The recording quality is tantamount to that found in most mobile phone cameras where quality & colours etc can all be adjusted.  Easily zoom to the number plate with clarity.


This image is recorded at higher 2 Megapixel resolution and despite the adverse lighting conditions late in the afternoon, there is no mistaking identity or number plate.  Please note all images depicted are true but used for demonstration purposes only.

Car driving Camera
In this image we can typically see a shipping container in the background, sheds and machinery so any person moving about in this area would indeed be positively identified.  In scheduled recording mode, email alerts with image attached are sent to one or many recipients.

Car driving

The 3G Solar Cam image depicts an early morning car park office view taken through a glass window.  Here we can see some sun reflection in a worse case scenario yet picture quality is still quite good despite the adverse lighting conditions.