SolarCam is exceptional and unique for a number of reasons. All Australian owned and designed, our technical support team will ensure your cameras are performing at optimum level and make any changes to the recording parameters you desire.  It’s all part of our constant remote service.  The server that drives this security camera and makes it all a reality is 100% Australian owned and designed from ground up so we know the camera functions inside out.  Free camera firmware updates are available to all customers as they become available so rest assured, our 3G solar security camera system will not suddenly become outdated or obsolete. We also now offer optional “Control Room Software” for larger security applications plus admin and user rights if required.

Solar Cam doesn’t require Power, IT, Cables, Internet or professional installation and that makes this outdoor HD security camera unique. If you prefer to have the mounting pole and camera installed for you, yes we can arrange that too depending on your location.  Provided you have some sort of mobile 3/4G coverage (Telstra or any other network) Solar Cam will function even in the most difficult climates.  Applications for unique technology such as this are endless.  Move the camera system from one location to another at any time. Easy DIY installation and no IT knowledge needed yet the system is highly secure.  3G Solar Camera is supplied with an external 60W solar panel and 12V 55A deep cycle battery (larger solar panel and battery available for colder climates) so power is not an issue.  We can even accommodate a 100w lithium Ion rechargeable battery (rather than lead acid) if desired meaning enormous power potential.  If onsite power is available, that’s great.  It means no need for an external solar panel or battery so even less cost.  The point is we have options so call or email if you have any questions.

Live view one or any number of 3/4G solar cams from any web enabled device with just the one user name and password. No software is needed either.  Live  view and motion record at 1 to 3.4 megapixel quality at your desired viewing recording speed and recording duration.  For builders and Construction Sites (special trade pricing applies) SolarCam can be simultaneously used for security and Time Lapse recording.   Our included 50w LED flood-light will illuminate at night once motion is detected thus assisting the camera to record in HD colour.  We find that Infra Red (IR) illumination  is useless,  B/W recording only, grainy and generally poor quality. In this regard we do NOT use IR for night vision and for that reason.  The motion activated LED Flood light we provide with each system (if needed) also serves as a visual warning to any night intruder whilst the supplied warning speaker can auto announce a pre recorded audio spoken warning.   You now begin to understand why SolarCam is so different and so necessary unlike any copycat cameras.   Building & Construction sites, gates, driveways, fuel, unattended machinery, Mine sites etc should all pay particular attention to this technology.  Not yet convinced?  Call my office, be in front of you’re PC or MAC and I will personally live demonstrate several cameras and answer any questions.

3G Solar Security Camera sends motion detected recorded HD images (similar to a video clip but better) virtually as they happen, directly to our remote Cloud like servers where the recording is secure.  With the camera schedule pre set to after hours Alarm Mode authorised users receive a prompt email alert with picture attached (on/off as desired) if motion is detected which is an early motion warning or heads up.  The authorised user/s may click on the image link (any mobile phone, PC Mac Ipad etc) to be directed to that camera live.  At the same time the LED Flood light will auto illuminate so the user can see what the camera can see.  Make no mistake, LED light is far superior to poor resolution B/W Infra Red.

By way of an new product update, we have just recently released our new 3.4 megapixel camera.  Not only is this camera sensational in low light but customers have the option to select from a range of lens options which include very wide angle 120 degrees or various long range telephoto lenses from 70, 50 to 20 degrees.  To give you an idea with a 20 degree long range telephoto lens the camera can easily see and record a number plate at 80m or more.

Customers often ask if there are any ongoing fees?  The short answer is yes but only a few hundred dollars per year at most.  It’s fundamentally important to understand that this very small fee also includes our ongoing technical support, advice and backup whenever required.  SolarCam is 100% Cloud server driven so no software is needed and that also makes the system both secure is easy to manage.  Our compulsory servers (won’t function without it) are quite necessary for the following reasons;

  • Saves camera recordings for weeks
  • Sends email or text alerts & diagnostically maintains camera hardware
  • Remote live view access & remote playback from anywhere any time from any web enabled device
  • Switches the LED light and warning speaker on/off as required
  • Indexes recordings into manageable thumbnails
  • Allows for motion detection and system changes to be conducted remotely

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