3G HD Solar Security Camera

Do you need CCTV camera security at a remote location but don’t have power or Internet? Camera cabling is out of the question or too costly, have little or no technical knowledge (specially IT) and other security companies simply don’t know what to do?  Then look no further because SolarCam has the ultimate solution which is both brilliant and cost effective.  Our 3G/4G HD Solar Cam only needs to be mounted to a sturdy post or building structure.  Simple and quick to mount within any mobile phone network area. It doesn’t matter whether the camera is located here in Australia or Internationally provided you supply a 1-2GB Data Sim card and that’s it.  Professional security camera installation in NOT required.  No IT setup needed (we do all of that for you) , No power is needed, No cabling is required. Ready to LIVE VIEW & remotely playback recordings on any web enabled smart phone, PC, iPhone, Ipad, Mac etc. What could be easier!

Our 3G/4G or WiFi-enabled HD Solar Camera can be mounted anywhere, provided at least some mobile phone signal or WiFi is available in the camera location. If your mobile phone has cell phone coverage within the camera location, then our Solar Cam will function. We can even boost cellular reception with an optional high gain antenna but in most instances, it’s not necessary.

Motion activated and/or time lapse recordings are saved to our secure SSL servers (similar to the Cloud) meaning no matter where you are, you have up to the second user name & password controlled LIVE remote camera access (including multiple cameras) various motion detection alarm notifications, email or text alerts and scheduled recording.  Easy to move from one location to another.  This is all DIY as we take care of everything behind the scenes and offer free support if needed including local warranty.  All Australian owned and designed from ground up. This is NOT an import so any technical concern or setting change is quickly and remotely attended to.

3/4G Solar Security Camera is continually being updated with more features.  SolarCam now supports both internal and external recording and both are remotely accessed.

We also offer an optional a 12v motion activated 50W LED Flood Light for superb night vision and/or an audio warning speaker.  LED is significantly better than IR.  The LED Flood light will auto illuminate upon motion however users may now simply login to the 3G camera at night and the LED flood light will auto activate then switch off when you log out.  Please call or email our office for pricing, further information or a LIVE 3G SolarCam demo.  Be in front of your PC or MAC then call our office 1300 802 961 (Australia only) for the demonstration. International enquiries just email our office to make a live view demo appointment.

How does it work and why so much interest?

If you have a remote property, mine site, unattended valuable machinery, parking lot, building or construction site, fuel bowsers etc no matter what it is, and you need security cameras but don’t have power or Internet, cabling is just too difficult or costly, then look no further as 3G Solar Cam & Hidden Camera Surveillance (HCS) has the solution for you.  Our Solar Security Camera isn’t covert or hidden by any means nor intended to be.  If you want the ability to live view your site and keep an eye on your valuable assets, all directly from your mobile phone, PC, Ipad or Mac any time, and be email or text alerted to motion after hours, look no further!

3G/4G HD Solar Camera is not an ordinary CCTV camera by any means.  We do supply and install IP CCTV Cameras and NVR systems Australia wide but more often than not, the cost to provide a security camera solution in otherwise remote locations is often out of the question. CCTV or IP security cameras are fantastic although onsite Internet is required to view the cameras and playback recordings.  That also means the need for power, cabling to all cameras (or WiFi) local NVR storage and so on.  CCTV Camera systems need to be professionally installed and maintained thus somewhat costly.

With no Internet onsite, perhaps power is too far away or simply not available or cabling means digging a long trench, conduit or ducting is needed so sometimes it’s just not worth it.  You may be on the one site only temporarily but still need to leave expensive tools and machinery onsite unattended in the dark.  What an opportunity for a cash strapped thief!  Worry not as we have a security camera solution that is so advanced, you simply need to see it to believe it!  As far as we know nothing like this system exists anywhere worldwide and if it does, cost would be horrendous.

What’s more you don’t need power, you don’t need internet, you don’t need cables or conduit, you don’t need to dig cable trenches, you don’t need a professional installer and you don’t need to have any IT knowledge.  You can on the other hand pack the 3G Solar Cam up and take it home with you or move it from one site to another at any time.  All you need is a pole or post to mount the camera, the ability to switch it on and the job is basically done.  If you do happen to have power available at the camera location we can dispense with the solar panel altogether but still have battery backup…and it’s cheaper.  Did I mention having the ideal security solution for you??  Our 3G HD Solar Camera solution is amazing and constantly being updated with more and more features, functions and accessories.

Need more convincing?

Our 3G/4G Solar powered surveillance security camera is 3.4 Megapixel (optional 6mm or 12mm fixed lens) and amazing quality both day and night.  Our IP security camera uses Solar energy to charge a 12V 55A deep cycle battery and that keeps the system functioning indefinitely.  It can work for up to 4 days with no solar power whatsoever.

Whenever motion is detected it saves the recorded event to our Cloud servers via the Telstra or Optus 3G/4G mobile phone network so no recording is ever lost or damaged. International users only need a local data SIM card supplied by your own mobile Telecommunications company so call or email our office if you have any questions.

Secure user name and password access to our Cloud servers (not a Google Cloud) stores all recordings safely and allows for full remote camera access and not just to recordings but to every camera feature and function.  If ever need technical support or assistance is needed we can help any time at no cost.

Introducing our latest release 3G/4G HD 3.4 Megapixel Solar Security Camera. A pre-paid 3G/4G Data SIM card with 1-2 GB of Data is all you need and you may supply your own.  If you have WiFi available onsite, even better as our solar cam can use either the mobile phone Telstra (or Optus) network or WiFi meaning we have you covered either way. Everything you need is included.

This system is designed and built in Australia ready to go in a powder coated, weatherproof enclosure (as pictured below) with sun-shield and high visibility window although we have a range of camera housing and mounting options (see additional pictures below) from which to choose.  Also included is a 60W solar panel to power the internal 12V 55A deep cycle battery thus keeping the HD camera system fully functional indefinitely. Even in times of poor weather, the internal battery has sufficient power to keep the camera working for days although the battery is still being trickle charged even during inclement weather.

If you require a longer battery duration a larger capacity or daisy chained battery is not a problem. We find even in poor weather, the solar panel will still feed power to the battery and in most cases a larger battery isn’t necessary.  It simply becomes a matter of how often the camera is used and for what purpose that determines power consumption. In the unlikely event that the battery does go flat, the camera will auto reboot as soon as the battery begins to solar charge. In other words there is no need to physically touch the cameras once installed.  We recommend a pole mount or side of a building, perhaps a sturdy structure about 3-5m in height.

How do I remotely access the camera?

The advanced SSL secure Cross Platform interface (like a Could) allows for remote access to the HD 3G/4G Solar Cam via PC, Mac, Iphone and any other web enabled device.  User name and password protected for authorized access only, owners are not limited to the number of users permitted to access the camera however password access can be altered remotely at any time to prevent access. In fact, every feature and function of our Solar Cam can be remotely accessed WITHOUT the need to physically touch the camera.  This ultimately means very few service calls other than a quick glass clean every now and then.  No software or Apps are required just your unique user name and password.

What about Motion Detection?

Yes indeed! One of the amazing functions of this camera is the motion detection algorithm which is so easy to use. A picture is basically pixels to the camera. We might have a situation where the camera is aimed at an area where there are trees and bushes moving in the breeze causing the camera to record as moving pixels are considered motion. However, by remotely opening the server software motion detection tab, users can place the live image into a grid as pictured below.

In those areas where motion is causing the camera to record (areas of the grid flash red upon motion) simply highlight the trees and bushes to delete that particular area in the camera motion detection zone.  Movement in those “selected” areas will NOT trigger motion or record but in other zones not “masked out” within the grid, if motion is detected yes it will trigger recording.  The setup is actually very easy so once we know where motion is likely to occur, the question you need to ask is how fast do I need to record (how many images per second) and over what interval and at what quality…low, medium or high resolution.

For instance, a person or vehicle may move past the camera.  We can even program the camera to record a few seconds BEFORE motion was actually detected. How we do it doesn’t matter but the fact is motion was detected, the recording can be set to take one or two images before motion, followed by the actual motion event and then another 10-20 seconds or more, after the motion event.  So if motion was only 2 seconds or so, we have recorded 2 seconds before and 10 seconds after so nothing is ever missed.  If motion continues for an extended period then the camera will continue to record but users may want to enter an “interval” between motion detection events.  The interval theoretically could be a gap of say 10 seconds more or less so we don’t have a long and continual recording.  All of these features and functions can be altered remotely once the camera is in place. We make those changes for you behind the scenes. 

If still not sure how to make basic camera function change, don’t worry we can do it for you … no problem.  By setting the desired motion detection zones, the camera will only concentrate on areas of concern. Algorithms are so advanced they can tell the difference between a shadow and vehicle or a cat and Cat Burglar. In other words the motion sensitivity can be fully adjusted to compensate for what is or is not actual motion.  Alarm emails or text messages are sent to you within seconds (picture attached) and the motion event stored on the Cloud for months.  Cloud storage cannot be lost or tampered with.

Email & Text Alerts

In “scheduled recording mode” set to say 5.00pm to 6.00am weekdays, 3G HD solar camera will auto switch to motion detection mode.  Live view and record at any time but some users are mainly concerned with what happens after hours which is why we set a schedule.  The schedule recording (one touch on or off) enables the camera to auto arm alarm recording mode at preset times and dates which might include every weeknight from 5.00pm to 6.00am, weekends and all state public holidays.  Even if you forget about public holidays, the camera certainly won’t.

If motion is detected during that time frame, not only will any movement be recorded but at the same time our servers can email or text an alert one or more preset email addresses and/or mobile numbers. You receive what we call an “alarm alert” which is basically a heads up that movement is being detected during a time where there should not be movement.  The email alert will include an actual recorded JPEG image so you can then decide whether to take the matter further by logging into the camera live to see for yourself, or view the entire “alarm event recording” and if warranted calling for Police or security guard assistance.  If you have security patrols, alerts can be sent to a back to base monitoring company or direct to the guard patrol person.  Either way you have the time and date stamped recording available at your fingertips ready to take any action.  Not sure if the alert is genuine or not, login to the camera to see a live view for yourself.  Users can also replay the motion activated events to see what or who it was that triggered motion.

When an alert is auto sent to one or more recipients,  all will have an image attached along with a time and date stamp and an instant link to the camera live view and recording playback.

Time Lapse Recording

Time Lapse recording is often required on Construction sites.  Time lapse is basically the camera taking a high resolution image once every few minutes, or so many times per hour or just a few daily but you have the choice as to how fast or slow the camera records during this mode.  Set the camera to Time Lapse mode by day and then after hours when the site should be vacant set “scheduled recording mode” where the camera will auto arm into Motion Detection Mode.  This mode can be armed or disarmed at any time you choose.  As mentioned, scheduled recording will take into account weekends and state by state public holidays.   We will set this feature up for you just advise us what you want the camera to do.

Time Lapse recording as mentioned can be set in conjunction with motion detection if preferred otherwise all time lapse recordings are saved to our server.  Users access Time Lapse recordings remotely and download to PC or MAC etc.  Backup of time lapse images can be done daily, weekly or monthly as the server will retain them for you.

Ideal for farmers, water troughs, cattle, gates, building sites, mine sites, local councils, bush dumping, graffiti or any area that requires remote monitoring and scheduled recording.  After all if something happens on your site you want to know about it and quick!

Can 3/4G HD Solar Cam see in the dark?

This is where other CCTV security cameras tend to be obsolete but we have this aspect covered.  Our optional 50W LED Flood light is amazing at night.  12V powered just like the camera or it can be an totally independent  LED Flood light.   Consequently, when motion is detected (up to 15m or more away) the floodlight will illuminate for a set period of time allowing the camera to record in high quality 2 megapixel quality at night and in colour.  When motion ceases the LED will switch off thus conserving power.

If night lighting on your site is poor the camera LED flood light will auto activate as soon as you login.  That means you see LIVE in colour at night and so will the 3G Cam.  When the user logs out, the LED flood light will switch off.  In other words the light is NOT ON all night but only when you login or when motion occurs.   The LED Flood light is also a huge theft deterrent as a thief prowling about at night doesn’t want to be seen or attract attention.

Our standard audio warning speaker will let the prowler know in no uncertain terms, that he she/is being monitored and recorded.  More often than not the thief will have had enough by ten and move to a less secure location.  After all, 3G Solar security camera is not designed to catch people out or be hidden. Its designed to be seen and warn intruders off before any damage is done.

Some customers ask can the camera be fitted with an IR (infra Red) illuminator rather than a flood light? An IR CCTV or camera must stay illuminated all night which wastes power.  For that reason alone, CCTV cameras are not suited to solar power.  The key to our system is power conservation versus power generation.  Furthermore only a B/W camera can see or use IR (not a colour camera) and if you compare IR vision to true LED lighting, there is no comparison whatsoever, LED wins hands down.  IR offers a distorted on unrealistic view where a persons eyes glow or appear to be florescent, clothing and skin tone has no colour or definition and in terms of male or female positive identity, that can be realm issue.  Not the best option for security and personal identity where IR recordings are used as evidence.

Our 3G/4G HD Solar Camera is available with an optional 12V 50W LED Floodlight connected to the camera battery.

It’s no secret that outdoor lights (12V or 240V) can be triggered by motion as many homes & business use them and so does our security camera.

Provided the area under surveillance is already reasonably well lit at night, it may not be necessary to add any additional floodlighting but those are the choices, not to mention our 3G Solar Cameras records in colour at night.  The end result, higher quality recording and positive ID.  LED lighting is optional so it can always be added later if needed.

The following images have been quality reduced for web use however they do provide an insight into the quality and clarity.

This night scene is a true Solar Camera image with no lighting assistance whatsoever other than street lighting.  The overhead bridge is approximately 100m from the actual camera.  Please also note the resolution and size of all images below have been lowered for internet use. If you want to see the true 3.4 Megapixel image quality, just call or email our office

This picture below depicts a scene in total darkness and the only illumination is our 50W LED Flood light.

The following images depict 3G Solar Cam at night.  In some cases at night a number plate can be see even with headlights on but this is NOT a number Plate recognition camera.  More often than not the number plate cannot be seen at night

This night image depicts a yard in complete darkness other than the 50W LED camera light illuminating the yard. The wire fence is about 20m from the camera

Are there ongoing server costs?

Yes there is a small monthly or annual fee which works out to me about $1.00 per day. All local and International customers are free to supply their own 3/4G Dat SIM card and about 1GB per month is all that is needed.

International customers must supply their own data SIM card in any event although our camera will function on virtually any3/4G mobile phone network or WiFi if available.  International customers will need to provide us with information about the SIM card to be used so we can setup remotely.  For this reason we don’t price the actual camera online because there are a range of optional devices that need to considered before ordering and they include;

  • LED Floodlight for night recording
  • Audio warning speaker
  • 3G or WiFi
  • Power or no power
  • Type of camera housing preferred
  • Who will be supplying the 3G SIM card
  • Any special requests

How fast is the live view & recording?

This is what makes 3G HD Solar Camera unique and quite unlike any other similar or “copy cat” security camera.  Years and millions of dollars have gone into the development of both the hardware and software driving this 3G/4G solar security camera. In terms of “LIVE VIEWING” it’s simply a matter of logging in and selecting a preferred viewing speed and visual quality. Remember, just like visiting any other remote access service, data is being used even when viewing.  The refresh image rate can be anywhere from 2 frames per second to 10 seconds per frame or longer. Users may select low, medium or high resolution all of which has a bearing on data usage so it’s important not be online live streaming for extended duration unless your mobile network plan is on the larger side.  View and playback recordings when needed but it should not be used as a permanent live viewing cameras as such.  The camera is still active and recording regardless of whether you are remotely logged in or not.

For Control Room live viewing, yes we do have customers who prefer that option.  Its simply means that we need to slow the refresh rate to about 1 image every 30 seconds or so in order to avoid unnecessary data usage.  Short term live viewing doesn’t matter but long term live viewing is different.  We can assist with that and do the data calculation for you.

The same applies to motion detection recording.  Resolution can be set to low, medium or high whilst the recording speed and number of images taken during motion is adjustable to suit individual needs.  For example, when the camera senses motion, you might want the camera to save 2 images in the seconds BEFORE motion was detected (pre-recording) and during the next 20 seconds (post recording) another 10 images 2 seconds apart.  The recording speed, quality and duration can be altered and easily adjusted at any time to suit requirements. The resulting playback looks more like a video clip rather than just a few pictures.  The 2MP JPEG images are much higher quality compared to an AVI video clip.  Freeze framing an AVI or video clip and then attempting to zoom or enhance will often result in a substantial lack of detail or distortion.  Motion JPEG images on the other hand are crisp and clear, can be enhanced, saved and emailed much easier than video and of course it has the added benefit of far less bandwidth and server storage. Sending a video clip via a 3G network is data costly and slow whereas JPEG images transmission is fast and much less costly.

An email alert or text can be sent to you when alarm mode is active thus notifying that motion has been detected. From your mobile phone or PC, access the server and replay that recording.  Any images that need to be saved to your PC hard drive is simply a matter of selecting the desired recording and save.  The image/s will be saved to desktop or folder at the recording quality pre selected.

Am I able to zoom in on a live view or recording?

Absolutely and this is one of the advantages of having a high 3.4 Megapixel display and recording. Customers can use the zoom function in the right hand corner of the main view to digitally zoom or enhance up to 14X and the same applies to recordings.  In this regard, should you wish to zoom onto a number plate (provided the vehicle or plate is not too far away) the registration number can be read without pixilating. Try to do that with a non megapixel camera and its next to useless.  Any required image/s can be downloaded to PC and archived for future reference.

Technical Support & Backup

Our 3G HD Solar Camera is constantly being updated with the latest technological advances but don’t worry you won’t be left behind. Firmware upgrades are available to all customers at no extra cost and our servers deal with that automatically.  As demand for more and more features increases our system designers and IT experts will be right there.  For any technical support or assistance we are local and here to help.  With permission we take remote control of your camera settings and make changes for you.

One new customer recently asked whether it was possible to interface an RFID alert system with our Solar Camera.  The company was not so concerned with motion recording but more with identifying staff carried RFID devices or tagging which is similar to anti theft devices attached to stock in clothing stores.  The RFID device triggered the camera to create an “alarm” recording that can be easily archived for future reference.   That alarm is not just stored but can be an email and/or text alert if desired.

Solar security camera relies upon 3G/4G or WiFi services (not the GPRS/GSM/2G older networks) to reliably deliver recordings to our Cloud severs in an instant.  Nothing is ever lost and with a better than 99.9% server up time we remotely maintain your system.  So when we say remote access the camera this means you login with a user name and password to our secure SSL Cloud servers to see the camera LIVE, play back recordings and remotely change camera settings as desired.

Is 3G HD Solar Camera available with Internal memory?

By way of the most recent development, we have released our internal HD recording which is tantamount to an NVR (Network Recorder). We now provide 64/128GB SD card internal memory (can be up to 1TB) as a customer option.  Use the internal memory to record motion in super high resolution with easy remote access, playback or save recording to PC without physically touching the memory card at all. This basically means that onboard camera storage can now be quickly and remotely accessed at the touch of a button. View and upload the onboard recordings remotely and any images you need to retain, simply save to PC. So now you have a complete solar security camera solution anywhere, anytime and power isn’t needed. If you just happen have power handy great, no problem as the same system can be supplied without the solar components but otherwise it will be exactly the same albeit less cost.

Can Solar Cam Speaker alert intruders?

Absolutely, are we ticking all the boxes?  With the inclusion of an optional external speaker (see the main camera image) the speaker can be added to auto announce any desired pre-recorded audio warning with words to the effect “Police have been alerted” or “you are trespassing on private property” etc.  This is not a two way communication device it simply broadcasts an audio warning if motion is detected within a specified schedule but the audio warning can be remotely switched on/off as you choose.  In the event of a text or email alert where perhaps an intruder is known or thought to be onsite, by logging into the camera the LED flood light will illuminate and the audio warning can manually activated as well.Ideal for:
• Schools
• Construction Sites
• Farms
• Industrial Sites
• Car Parks
• Sheds
• Remote Sites
• Display Homes
• Unattended machinery
• Councils
• Bush Dumping
• Prohibited zones
• Fuel Bowsers
• Mine Sites

Car Camera

3G Solar Cam Recording Examples

This is a medium resolution 1 Megapixel day picture. Quality and size has been reduced for web use. The recording quality is tantamount to that found in most mobile phone cameras where quality & colours etc can all be adjusted.  Easily zoom to the number plate with clarity.

This image is recorded at higher 2 Megapixel resolution and despite the adverse lighting conditions late in the afternoon, there is no mistaking identity or number plate.  Please note all images depicted are true but used for demonstration purposes only.

In this image we can typically see a shipping container in the background, sheds and machinery so any person moving about in this area would indeed be positively identified.  In scheduled recording mode, email alerts with image attached are sent to one or many recipients.

The 3G Solar Cam image depicts an early morning car park office view taken through a glass window.  Here we can see some sun reflection in a worse case scenario yet picture quality is still quite good despite the adverse lighting conditions.

Solar Cam new all in one (Case Option 1)

Pictured below is our latest release all in one 2 Megapixel Solar Cam system ready to mount and switch on. The battery, camera, quad processor board etc are securely housed within the single lockable metal enclosure for easy access and no exposed cables. As an added deterrent the blue and white Police like emblem is a visual warning that the premises may be monitored and not to be under estimated. The emblem is optional.

The optional LED motion activated flood light serves several purposes

  • Illuminating the area at night when motion is detected
  • Assisting the camera to record in high resolution colour at night
  • Warning any intruder which in many cases is all the deterrent you need.
  • The intruder will be recorded, often he/she will look directly at the light or camera and a nice facial ID recorded.

The pictured optional speaker on the side of the metal enclosure will announce a warning if motion is detected during a “scheduled alarm recording mode” with words to the effect that you are being recorded and Police alerted. Ideal for pole or wall mounting.

Solar Cam CCTV Case (Option 2)

Pictured below is the same 2 Megapixel Solar Cam system ready to mount and switch on. Once again the battery, camera, quad processor etc are securely housed in the one lockable metal CCTV type enclosure. Pictured is the motion activated LED Flood light and speaker.  Again the Solar panel can be moved away from the actual camera for added security or to a sunnier position.  The same applies to the optional LED Flood light but in this instance the camera battery and solar charger are within the metal lockbox and away from the actual camera. External cables between the devices can of course be inside the metal pole for added security.

If you have an questions about our fantastic 3G Solar Camera or you would like to see an actual camera demonstration, give us an hour or so notice, be in front of you’re PC and we will provide you with a temporary remote user name and login. You will be able to see our test camera live, ask any questions and at the same time show you the camera features and functions and how easy they are to learn and use.

Internal and external recording?

Depicted below is a full page of motion detection events all saved to internal SD card memory.  Each thumbnail depicts a recording time and date and by simply clicking on that image,  the entire motion detection event can be remotely played in its true HD recording quality, similar to a video clip. Any recording that needs to be retained can be saved to PC without the need to remove the memory card.  When the 64GB memory capacity is full it will auto over write (recycle recording) from the earliest date.

One of the main advantages of using an internal memory is recording speed (up to 10 images per second) and recording duration.  Each motion detection event can retain recording a few seconds BEFORE motion was detected, including the actual motion and then keep recording as long as you like after motion has stopped.  Authorised users simply login to the camera to view and playback any recording retained on the SD card.  

Lets say 3G Solar Cam is setup on a building site. We know the site is very busy between 6.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday.  The site is closed every evening including weekends and public holidays.  This is where the internal memory is sensational.  We set up a SCHEDULE for you.  That schedule auto instructs the camera to record all motion to internal memory during working hours.  Its using virtually no 3G or server data its simply recording motion.  However, after 4.00pm (including weekends and state by state public holidays) any motion detected during those times is saved to our servers instead where its safe.  On;y then is it using minimal 3G and server data (shouldn’t be much activity anyway) which is why our server can then email alert users to motion.  The entire system can me professionally monitored if required.   In CCTV mode there are no alarm alerts just recording but after hours it will auto enter into motion alarm mode which conserves both 3G and Cloud server data.

Please note that users can simply arm or disarm CCTV and Alarm functions at any time.  Same applies to the warning speaker it doesn’t need to be armed constantly but only when required.

A 1-2GB Data SIM card is more than enough for most customers but easily adjusted, perhaps even a Telstra Pre-Paid SIM.

With a memory SD card interfaced with the camera, depicted below is an event playback using a MAC although it’s exactly the same using a Windows PC or mobile phone or any smart device.  In the top left hand corner of the screen, note that EVENTS tab is highlighted orange.  Motion detection alarm events are depicted vertically on the left hand side so by simply clicking the event, the recording will be displayed full screen.  The main full screen view will be displayed in a lower resolution (conserving data) however, by simply touching the “zoom” tab in the bottom right hand corner, the image depicts its full 2MP recording quality.  The difference in quality is quite noticeable even in this lowered resolution web demonstration.

In this playback, motion was detected and the camera was programmed to take 7 images over 10 seconds.  The 7 thumb nails at the base of the image depict the motion event.  To playback, press the play tab in the centre of the main screen and all 7 images will display rapidly in a “video like” display although any of the thumbnails can be highlighted to freeze frame in full screen mode.  In full screen mode users have the option to enhance or zoom into the picture up to 14 x digital or save the 2MP picture to PC Hard drive for future reference. 

This image is the same as above however, note the 1.7x digital zoom image enhancement which is conducted remotely.  The digital zoom can be enhanced to 14x.  Note the CCTV tab highlighted orange.  That means we are actually playing back a recording from the internal memory rather than a saved Cloud recording.  Even if internal memory is preferred, our Cloud servers can still remotely record and save “alarm events” so nothing is ever missed. Internal memory can record as fast as 10 images per second which is about cartoon speed.  Also note that each thumbnail at the base of the main image is actually a 2 megapixel picture all time and date stamped.  The “sequence” tab on the right hand side depicts a date or calendar so by touching the calendar users may select any time and date within hours, days, weeks or months previously depending on the memory capacity selected which could be hundreds of gigabytes. 

Same as above except here the zoom is normal 1x digital or a wider angle view.

What does it cost?

Our 3G/4G or WiFi Camera is a fraction of the cost of any installed IP camera specially when one takes into account the cost to run cables, setup IP addressing, interfacing into a new or existing network, plus customers need an NVR system with HDD installed and so it goes.  In terms of installation of our pre built 3G Solar Camera, customers only require a sturdy metal pole perhaps 3-5m in height to attached the camera casing.  The solar panel needs to face in a North direction at about 30 degrees. The solar panel can be separated from the camera and roof mounted if desired and away from the camera but you need to advise cable length required between the solar panel and the camera in those circumstances.

With multiple orders we offer discounts and in some instances customers may prefer to supply their own 60W Solar panel and/or 12V 55A Deep Cycle battery.  The solar panel and battery are reasonably heavy and add to freight costs so the more the customer wishes to contribute the less cost.  For single orders it’s perhaps not worth it but for multi orders yes it is.   Call our office to discuss cost options.

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