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3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam
3G HD Graffiti Security Cam is the latest advance in covert and battery operated surveillance cameras. Unlike other similar looking cameras which previously functioned on 2G/GSM/GPRS it’s important to understand that should you own such a camera or contemplating ordering one, be very careful as Telstra closed this network in December 2016. Consequently, any cameras that uses those frequencies is totally superseded and no longer network supported throughout Australia.
We now use the 3G and 4G mobile networks and the 3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam is all 3G compliant. The 3G Network is also significantly faster and more reliable compared to the old and now non existent 2G/GPRS.
3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam is brand new and packed full of new features and functions. This outdoor and weatherproof 12 Megapixel security camera is Motion Activated but can record Time Lapse as well. It can record still images upon motion in bursts of up to 10 at time followed by 1080P HD Video and audio recording. However, not only will this battery or solar powered 3G camera record but it can use the 3G mobile network to send both pictures and 10 second video clips direct to your mobile phone or email address. In addition authorised users may send text commands to the camera to take and remotely send a picture regardless of motion and the same applies to video clips.

3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam includes an option to add a small solar panel to the camera.Optional Mini solar panel

We offer a steel lock-box as pictured below to protect the camera against willful or accidental damage.Optional Steel lockbox

Read more about 3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam on Hidden Camera Website. 


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