Solar Cam

3G/4G HD 2 Megapixel Motion Activated & Time Lapse Solar Security Camera

Live view in real time from any web enabled PC, Mac or mobile phone from wherever you are. Unable to run cable? No power available? It really doesn’t matter!

Our 3G/4G or WiFi enabled HD Solar Camera can be mounted anywhere, provided there is at least some Telstra mobile phone signal. If you’re mobile phone has cell phone reception at the camera location, our Solar Cam will function and we can boost cellular reception if needed.

Motion activated or time lapse, the recorded images are saved to our secure SSL servers) (similar to Cloud) meaning no matter where you are, there is always up to to the second remote camera access including various alarm notifications, email or text alerts. Pole mount the camera and solar panel, aim and switch it on. Nothing more to do…..simple, cost effective, easy to move from one location to another and no professional costly installer required. This is DIY!

3G HD Solar Cam is available in a range of mounting options including this latest release featured below. Note the solar panel, LED Flood light and audio speaker.  LED Light and audio is optional.

Solar Camera

How does it work?

If you need a live view and/or motion detection remote recording HD security camera, and standard CCTV cameras are out of the question due to cost, prohibitive labour fees, power is too far away or worse still not available and running cable is simply out of the question, then Hidden Camera Surveillance has the solution for you.

We have taken Solar Security technology to whole new level.  Introducing our latest release 3G/4G HD 2 Megapixel Solar Security Camera.  A pre paid 3G/4G Data SIM card with 1-2 GB of Data is all you need. WE can supply the SIM or you are most welcome to supply your own.  If you have WiFi available onsite, even better as our solar camera can use either the mobile phone Telstra (or Optus) network or WiFi meaning we have you covered either way.

Everything you need is included.  The system is built in Australia ready to go in a powder coated, weatherproof enclosure (as pictured above) with sunshield and high visibility window.  Also included is a 40W solar panel that powers the internal 12V gel-cell battery to keep the camera system fully functional indefinitely.

Even at times of particularly poor weather, the internal battery has sufficient power to keep the camera working for at least 4 days. If you need longer battery duration, a larger capacity battery is not a problem.  We find that even in poor weather, the solar panel will still trickle feed power to the battery and in most cases a larger battery isn’t necessary.  It simply becomes a matter of how much the camera is used and for what purpose that determines power consumption.  In the unlikely event that the battery goes flat, the camera will Auto reboot as soon as the battery begins to solar charge.

How do I remotely access the camera?

The advanced SSL secure Cross Platform interface (like a Could) allows for remote access via PC, Mac, Iphone and any other web enabled device. User name and password protected for authorized access only, owners are not limited to the number of users permitted to access the camera however password access can be altered remotely at any time. In fact, every feature and function of this Solar Camera can be remotely accessed WITHOUT the need to physically touch the camera.

What about Motion Detection & Time Lapse Recording?

Yes indeed! One of the amazing functions of this camera is the motion detection algorithm which is so easy to use. A picture is basically pixels to the camera. We might have a situation where the camera is aimed at an area where there are trees and bushes moving in the breeze causing the camera to record as moving pixels are considered motion. However, by remotely opening the server software motion detection tab, users can place the live image into a grid as pictured below.

Lapse Record

In those areas where motion is unnecessarily causing the camera to record, simply highlight the trees and bushes and remove them from the motion detection zone. Movement in those “selected” areas will NOT trigger motion or record but in other zones not “masked out” within the grid, if motion is detected, yes it will trigger recording. If not sure, we can do it for problem. By setting the desired motion detection zones, the camera will only concentrate on areas of concern. Algorithms are so advanced they can tell the difference between a shadow and vehicle or a cat and Cat Burglar. Alarm emails or text messages are sent to you within seconds (picture attached) and stored on the Cloud so nothing is ever lost.

Time Laspe recording is often preferred on Construction sites. It’s therefore quite easy to set the camera to Time Lapse by day and then after hours (scheduled recording mode) the camera will auto switch to motion detection mode with email alarms if wanted. Ideal for farmers, water troughs, cattle, gates, buiders or any site that needs remote monitoring and scheduled recording.

Can our Solar Cam see in the dark?

This is where other CCTV security cameras tend to be obsolete but we have this aspect covered. Many LED Flood lights are 12V powered, same as our 3G HD Solar Camera. Consequently, when motion is detected, with a floodlight interfaced to the camera, the floodlight will illuminate for a designated period of time allowing the camera to record high megapixel quality at night and in colour. When motion ceases, the LED will extinguish thus conserving power.

An IR CCTV type camera on the other hand must stay illuminated all night, which constantly consumes and wastes power. For that reason alone, CCTV cameras are not suited to solar power. The key to our system is power conservation versus power generation.

Infrared (common with outdoor CCTV cameras) is only good to a certain degree. IR has a number of disadvantages compared to proper LED bright lighting. IR is of no use to a colour camera because a colour camera cannot see Infra Red. The camera needs to auto switch to B/W mode at night for the IR to work. IR offers a distorted on unrealistic view where a persons eyes glow or appear to be florescent, clothing and skin tone has no colour or definition and more often than not, in terms of positive identity, it can be difficult to determine whether the person is even male or female. Not the best option for security.

Our 3G HD Solar Camera is available with an “optional” LED Floodlight, which can be connected to the camera battery. These floodlights are available from 30-50W and from 60 to 120 degree angle. Basically the wider the angle the less distance illumination distance as higher LED wattage does necessarily compensate.

It’s no secret that outdoor lights (12V or 240V) can be triggered by motion as many homes & business have them already. In this instance, we have two options if night vision is needed.

1. Order the camera with an LED Floodlight as pictured
2. Order our independent 50W battery operated, motion triggered and solar powered floodlight. This option means there is no added drain on the camera battery. If the LED Floodlight is triggered it will also cause the camera to record anyway.

Provided the area under surveillance is already reasonably well lit at night, it might not be necessary to be concerned about extra floodlighting anyway but those are the choices, not to mention we now have the camera recording in colour at night. The end result, higher quality pictures and positive ID. LED lighting is optional anyway so it can always be added later if needed.

Are there ongoing monthly or annual costs?

Think of the 3G HD Solar Camera as a mobile phone. Yes there are ongoing monthly or annual 3G Data SIM fees plus there is a small remote access Cloud fee but both are minimal and just a few dollars per week. Call for more information. We provide the camera with a 1-4GB data plan pre installed so the camera online.

As a customer, if you choose to purchase your own data SIM, you are most welcome although a Cloud or remote server fee will apply regardless as the dashboard service is required for both storage and camera access. Our 3G/4G SIM data rates are competitive due to purchasing power and it’s easier from an installation point of view if it’s all done in house ready to go. International customers must supply their own data SIM card and our camera will function on any mobile phone network or WiFi if available. If power is available at the camera location, there may be no need for a solar panel or battery at all thus reduced costs. Call for more information.

Car Camera

How fast is the live view & recording?

Those features make this camera unique. In terms of “LIVE VIEWING” it’s simply a matter of logging in and selecting a preferred viewing speed. Remember, just like visiting any other website, data is being used even when viewing. The refresh speed can be anywhere from 1 second to 10 seconds or longer. Users may select low, medium or high quality all of which has a bearing on data usage so it’s important not be online live streaming for extended periods if possible unless your plan is on the larger side.

The same applies to motion detection recording. Resolution can be set to low, medium or high whilst the recording speed and number of images taken during motion is adjustable to suit individual needs. For example, when the camera senses motion, you might want the camera to save 2 images before motion was detected and during the next 20 seconds, record another 10 images or 2 seconds apart but that can be altered to less images and shorter or longer duration. The resulting playback looks like a video event rather than just 1 or 2 pictures.

An email alert or text can be sent to you when alarm mode is active thus notifying that motion has been detected. From your mobile phone or PC, access the server and replay that recording. Any images that need to be saved to PC is simply a matter of selecting the desired recording and press save. The image will be saved to desktop or folder at the recording quality pre selected.

Tell me more!

Our 3G HD Solar Camera technology is becoming ever more advanced but don’t worry, you won’t be left behind. Software changes or additions will be available at no extra cost to all of our customers as well, provided the change is not hardware related. As demand for more and more features increases, our system designers and IT experts will be right there. If you need any technical support or assistance, we are there to help you and take control if needed.

This camera does not carry any internal recording, it relies upon the 3G/4G services to reliably deliver recordings to our Cloud severs which happens in an instant. So when we say you access the camera, we actually mean you access our cloud or secure remote server to see the camera images LIVE, play back recordings and remotely change camera settings as desired.

This camera is so smart, it can even record 3 seconds BEFORE motion was recorded. It means you won’t miss a thing.

As an added bonus, if you wanted to add a DVR or recording device to the actual camera, it too is quite possible with remote access to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) files and recordings. Ask us for more information about this option.

Can Solar Cam warn off intruders?

Absolutely! With the inclusion of an external speaker (see the main camera image) we can add an optional loud speaker to play pre recorded audio warning with words to the effect “Police have been alerted” or a dog bark or any other audio warning you choose.

• Schools
• Construction Sites
• Farms
• Industrial Sites
• Car Parks
• Sheds
• Remote Sites
• Display Homes
• Unattended machinery
• Councils
• Bush Dumping
• Prohibited zones
• Fuel Bowsers
• Mine Sites

Car Camera

Recording Quality Examples

Car driving Camera
Car driving
Outstanding quality night vision with no LED assistance other than typical street lighting!
evining view

Same camera in a different location in total darkness with Solar Cam LED illumination
night view
The images depicted in this brochure have been size reduced for demonstation purposes although it might be timely to point out the recording quality can be set to 2 Megapixel quality which is much larger than depicted below. Recording in such high quality means you have the ability to zoom in and in detail to identify people and and in many cases read number plates from a distance.

In this instance the camera was needed for a worksite broad view in a remote location however mounting the camera in the correct location is fundamentally important and in some cases perhaps a few cameras are needed to cover more area or miltiple zones. Customers normally supply a mounting pole otherwise the side o a building is fine. The solar panel should be mounted N/E direction.

If you have a need for cameras in various sites either city, state or country wide, our software allows for the user to view all cameras live at any time. The main camera will be depicted full screen whilst other cameras may be small thumbnail size although by simply touching upon the smaller thumbnial camera, full screen viewing and playback is enabled. Its what we call an advanced cross platform interface.

In other words, one login to view all cameras everywhere. Safe and secure as a bank and no unauthorised access.

Typical daytime image set at medium resolution

This is an early morning car park view facing east at medium resolution

I live overseas can I still buy Solar Cam & will it work?

In a word..abolutely! 3G/4G Solar Cam will function as intended worldwide provided you have a mobile phone service in the camera location. There is a small monthly or annual Cloud server fee for remote storage and to access the camera however, the customer will need to provide theor own 3G/4G Data Sim card (voice is not necessary) with at least 1-2GB data allowance per month. This could be a pre paid or annual plan but a SIM card is not something we can provide to international customers.

In order to save freight cost, the better option for international customer so to supply a solar panel and 12V battery (contact us for specifications)

A battery is heavy and a solar panel cumbersome so from a cost point of view it makes practical sense to at least provide those two items locally which are easy to purchase anywhere. Consequently cost is saved on both the purchase price and freight cost as airlines nowdays will not transport certain types of batteries.

Solar Cam New All in one : Option 1

Pictured below is our latest release all in one 2 Megapixel Solar Cam system ready to mount and switch on. The battery, camera, circuits etc are securely housed in the one lockable metal enclusure for easy access and no exposed cables.

As an added deterrent, the blue and white Police like emblen is a visual warning that the premises may be monitored and not to be under estimated.

The LED motion activated flood light serves two purposes as well. Illuminating the area at night assisting the camera to record in high resolution colour, and startling any intruder which in many cases is all the deterrent you need. The intruder will be recorded, often he/she will look directly at the light/camera and a nice facial ID recorded.

The pictured optional speaker on the side of the metal enclosure will announce a warning if motion is detected during a “scheduled recording or activation mode” with words to the effect that you are being recorded and Police alerted. Ideal for pole or wall mounting.
solar pannel

Solar Cam Lockbox : Option 2

Pictured below is our 2 Megapixel Solar Cam system ready to mount and switch on. Once again the battery, camera, circuits etc are securely housed in the one lockable metal enclusure. Pictured is the motion activated LED Flood light and speaker, both of which are optional.
solar pannel2

Solar Cam CCTV Housing : Option 3

Pictured below is our 2 Megapixel Solar Cam system ready to mount and switch on. Once again the battery, camera, circuits etc are securely housed in the one lockable metal enclusure. Pictured is the motion activated LED Flood light and speaker, both of which are optional.
solar pannel3


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